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My most requested tutorial from the Instagram community, finally available. Enjoy this freebie!

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Lucas Maniez

How to achieve the chrome type effect?

First, you have to know that this effect works best on very large resolutions. Need it in small? Turn it into a smart object and scale it down to have the smoothest texture!

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Breaking down the process

- Create a type layer
- works also with vector graphics and transparent png ;-)
- Apply a Gradient overlay Black to White centered on the type.
- Apply Bevel & Emboss with these settings (play around with these, it just gives you a good starting point):
Inner Bevel /Smooth - Depth at around 580% - Size around 80px
Highlight in color Dodge and shadows in multiply, around 58% is usually a good fit.
- Group the Text layer, and apply a Curve as clipping mask to the group.
- Reverse the highlight and shadows, customize as you see fit.
- Finally apply a gradient map on top of the curve, again as clipping mask.

That's it!

Have fun with it, and make sure to tag @graphikas or on instagram if you use this resource. We'd love to see what you created!

Bonus Step :
Convert your artwork into a smart object to add noise and other textures in a non-destructive way! There’s tons of cool stuff to make with these.


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