How to design a Brand Identity for events & venues

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A good concept, a good location and yet, your business doesn't attract as much as you'd like ? A good rebranding might be overdue and key to your success.

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Lucas Maniez

Step one : The birth

"The strength of brand loyalty begins with how your product makes people feel."
- Jay Samit

Nowadays, everybody can start a business. Everybody. With that in mind, how are you going to stand out in a crowd always growing, changing and adapting ?

1. Finding your core values

The first and foremost task should be to find your tone, your values and the feelings your brand should be associated with. It's all about defining the DNA of your brand. What is your audience? What is it that you do? Why do you do it? And the list of questions goes on and on, until you get the true essence of your brand.

2. Give your brand a face

When I say this, the first thing that will come to your mind is a logo. And you're right.

Concept Logo for Papillons de nuit - A french pop music festival

A good logo is an essential part of your Brand Image, but all by itself, it won't get you far. What I truly mean by a "face" is a Brand Guide, your brand's bible that will accompany you every step of the way. It does not only cover the logo, but also typography, color usage, layouts, tone or even the imagery you will use. It can expand to CX (customer experience), UX/UI (user experience/interface)... The thorougher, the better. Remember that for a Branding to be efficient, the key lies in consistency, which is exactly the purpose of a Brand Guidelines.

UNMASK's Brand Guidelines

Step two : Activate your presence and communicate through dedicated channels.

Now that your brand is defined and all the assets are created, time for you to put your business out there and reach your audience. Will it rather be billboard advertisment, social media promotion, TV pre-rolls ? Maybe a mix? There again, the answer is inherited from the brand design, as it greatly depend on what you are trying to achieve.

Concept advertisement campaign designed for Papillons de Nuit
Concept Advertisement campaign designed for Papillons de Nuit

No matter what you go for, don't forget to have a live website so people can find you before hand. You wouldn't want all that good advertisement to get lost because people can't find you anywhere.

Website for Papillons de Nuit
Mobile Application for MERC

When designing communication assets for your brand, your imagination (or your agency's) is the limit. If you at big brands, you realise how they are everywhere : sending you notifications or newsletters, sponsoring on social medias, adding new features or products, anything goes to get you hooked so you come back. That's exactly where sinewave steps in. We help you achieve the best results within your budget, with dedicated talents to ensure high-quality deliverables and have a meaningful impact on your audience.

Let's get you started.

With our affiliation to UNMASK, we can help you define your brand, create all your communications assets, and help your business thrive. Send us a quick overview of your project, and we'll get back to you to set you up on the path to success.


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