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A short review of my path to get where I am today.

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This is my history in the filmmaking industry - I hope that I manage to inspire somebody out there who is just starting out because we all know that these creative endeavours are all about discipline and inspiration. I was blessed to fall in the right place right at the beginning of my career and what is more, I was very lucky to get paid right at my first gig. Everyone in filmmaking and most arts knows that at the beginning you have to be willing to work for free and learn and build portfolio in order to get started on a paid position. That is rather unfortunate but also filters out the real passionate people from those who are not really into it and are still hesitating for a direction.

My first job in the industry was at Nu Boyana Film Studios - the largest film studio on the Balkans and one of the biggest in Eastern Europe. I started out by editing high quality instructional yoga videos shot with Alexa and Red cameras on movie sets comprised of different elements ranging from colourful waterfalls and plants to beautiful dragon figures and fire around the yoga mats. The company that produces them is called Udaya (see https://udaya.com/) and is trully one of a kind. Even though there are many other video yoga classes, the consistency and production quality of Udaya has put the name on the forefront.

After I earned my position in the company, I started getting other interesting projects. I crowdfunded and directed a music video (see https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/robot-nature-you-never-expected-me-music-video#/ , directed some commercials and edited the project that I am most proud of up to date - a cinematic documentary called The Bulgarian Lion that follows the story of a Bulgarian MMA fighter who is living and competing in Los Angeles. The documentary has been screened on the two biggest film festivals in Bulgaria for 3 consecutive years and is about to get its first screening in Thessaloniki. Seeing the final outcome in the movie theatre and watching the people react to it is one of the most satisfying feelings for a filmmaker. I was in an inspirational place where all the big movie stars were coming to shoot. Seeing Jason Statham or Salma Hayek in the corridor walking right next to you can really bring fun to your job.

After I completed the documentary, I decided to pursue a music career and take a break from the film industry. I've been producing music since high school and that's where my real passion is at. However, after some time, video editing kind of found its way back to me and I started freelancing for DanceTrippin (currently DanceTelevision). I freelanced for a solid year and a half on other different projects and I launched a Bulgarian online video media called Dinamika. I started shooting a show called Metronome which presents different musicians who create a short track in front of the camera. It is, in fact, the one and only beatmaking show in Bulgaria (see https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrxY_tWZJTozHuB3hVy-ohg)

Later on, I stumbled upon another endeavour that I will cover more thoroughly in a different article but basically I was a photographer for the Google Arts and Culture platform and I went to shoot some of the most amazing cultural places around Europe. After working on this project for some time, I moved to work for Sinewave. So here we are, crafting a new chapter in filmmaking, this time looking at the bigger picture. If you are interested in the continuation of this story all you have to do is follow Sinewave's channels or just visit our website from time to time.

Feel free to check out my showreel at the top of this page that presents the projects I have worked on in one or several positions including directing, scriptwriting, editing, producing and shooting.


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