9 vinyl, 9 styles. A journey to conceptualize music.


Two weeks ago, I decided to tackle a new project in which I explore vinyl artworks in 9 different graphic styles. This is part one.

Published on
Nov 13, 2019
Written by
Lucas Maniez

001 - Lorn - Sega Sunset

Concept artwork and sleeve
Concept merch iterated from the artwork

002 - Cult of Luna - Cygnus

Concept Sleeve - Front
Concept artwork - Back
Concept merchandise iterated from the artwork

003 - Tikler - Get your sh!t together

This is not so much of a concept, as Tikler is an artist that contacted me to oversee his visual identity for his upcoming productions. The first step was to create the logo.

Logo research
Final direction - A cultural mix of the blackletter legacy and painted signage.
Artwork for his first release

Expression of the visual identity
Overview 1
Overview 2


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