Canon 70D Black and White Creative Filter

Published on
Nov 23, 2019

Taking a deeper look into the distinctive look of the Canon 70D DSLR built in b&w filter.

Written by
Yavor Zografski
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Many people frown on using ready made filters and they have a point - nowadays every photographer struggles to stand out with a distinctive look. Normally, a built in filter wouldn't really help with your uniqueness but at the end of the day it's how you choose to utilise it. Putting these thoughts aside, let's dive into the creative filters section of the Canon 70D. In order to access it, you will need to scroll the wheel at the upper right corner landing it on the 'C' letter. This option doesn't give you the opportunity to adjust settings like ISO, as everything is automatic but this is the only way you can access the filters. Having this lack of control puts your mind in a different state where you just shoot and focus on all the other elements.

The results are often dramatic in contrast and feeling. The extra grain added brings further drama to the picture and gets you closer to that vintage film look. The lack of control in this case aids to the creation of an outter world-like atmosphere with a bit of a spooky and unpredictable element. It is definitely not your typical black and white look but shooting with this amount of unpredictability brings a person closer to the old school analogue era. It's just fun.

Enjoy this selection of photographs shot by SMYAH.


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