Having a Template to Kickstart Your Musical Project

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Approaching different tracks in different ways is good for your music but you should consider creating a basic structure that will speed up the initial process.

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Being an artist and creating for a living can be a challenging task. Luckily, there are many ways in which one can accelarate the creative process and one of them is by creating a template that loads up with your software each time you start it. Creating music can be a chaotic process and if you don't capture the idea at the right time it might be gone as quickly as it was born. Therefore, one of your tasks as a musician should be breaking the boundaries that prevent you from capturing inspiration right at the very start.

For the purpose of giving an example, I will show you how my startup template in FL Studio looks like. It is pretty simple - I have the first 3 channels of the mixer dedicated to my kicks, the second 3 to my snares and they are all routed to the respective mix busses. Every channel has an EQ. Additionally, I created one channel for the sidechain and one that has a delay effect which I use all the time.

This is how my every new project looks like at the beginning

My go to plugins

Breaking the structure of your work and approaching different tracks in a different way is good for your music and therefore in this case I have created only the bare minimum in this template - I know that I am always going to need EQ on those channels, I always use sidechain and I always like to put the FabFilter Timeless effect on most instruments so that's why I have put them on my startup. How each project will continue after this point I have no idea but the possibilities are infinite.

Here's how a finished project looks like
Timeline without the mixer


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