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re:vision is a series of events created and filmed by the Sinewave team that combine minimalistic music and carefully crafted visual material.

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Earlier this year we organised the first re:vision event with the aim to create a distinctive series with unique visuals and minimalistic sonics. If you are wondering how did the event go, you can read more about it here.

We filmed the DJ sets that night and this article aims to reveal how the editing of those videos went, what types of effects were used and the general concept behind them from the editor's point of view.

The Timeline

Since this project requires so much different material it's very important to have it all neat and tidy on the timeline and the best way to do it is to colour the different types of material. After filtering out all the best moments from the clips, I coloured them and that way I can easily know that if I need some 360 camera material I can just search for a clip coloured in teal and I drop it where its needed. The last few channels on top are disabled - they are full of good looking moments which I can drag and drop on certain places.

Screenshot of the timeline - each colour corresponds to different type of material

Different types of material and effects

The list of visuals on this one is heavy: we have the usual fixed camera angles showing the front of the decks and the DJ, the mixer and the side of the DJ. Apart from that, there is a handheld camera combined with Ronin for some cinematic shots, 360 camera, VJ material from the event, the Xbox Kinect projection of the DJ and kaleidoscope material produced in After Effects using footage from the handheld camera. Additionally, all this material was manipulated with several effects including Turbulent Displace, Mirror, Invert and some overlays.

Insta 360

The Insta 360 camera helped create a little fantasy world where trippy visuals surround the DJ. Before inserting the material in Premiere, however, I had to process it through the Insta 360 software, creating different key frames and movements - zooming in and out of the sphere and rotating it in all possible ways to create a constant movement in the picture.

Insta 360 software
Using masks in Premiere to combine the VJ material floating around 360 sphere

Kaleidoscope effect

The Kaleidoscope effect was achieved in After Effects. My colleague Lucas ran the Ronin material through a special effect. The movements of the camera created some intricate visuals that went perfect for the re:vision idea.

Using masks, I was able to surround the DJ with the Kaleidoscope visuals, creating an outter world

Xbox Kinect

The Xbox Kinect helped in creating an interesting projection of the DJ and I was able to use it in different creative ways, popping in and out of the screen. This mapping was also used by the VJ guys during the show itself.

Turbulent Displace

One of my favourite effects in Adobe Premiere is Turbulent Displace. With its help, I was able to further distort the VJ material creating some mind blowing effects that can be seen here.

360 material combined with kaleidoscope around it, all with Turbulent Displace
Keyframing is essential in order to create some movement and evolution in the picture

Artists's alter ego

I had the idea of creating an alter ego of the artist, again following the model of a separate world that is being inhabited by him and we visit it from time to time. The invert effect  emphasize on that, some masking and overlaying.

Mirror effect for some extra confusion
The Invert effect in Premiere lead to some interesting colours

All in all, it was fun being part of this project, I like to have my imagination challenged and I feel this was the perfect occasion for it. Keep a close eye on the Sinewave website and the DanceTelevision channel where the first 6 re:vision videos will start popping up.


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