SonneMondSterne Festival 2019 - DJ set shows


Live recording and post production of artistic stage performances during SonneMondSterne Festival 2018 and 2019

Published on
Nov 13, 2019

SMS Boat party

This year we had the chance to record and edit the DJ set of the German producer Mathias Kaden, playing on the SonneMondSterne Festival boat on Saturday. A fun ride!

In 2018 we had started this amazing journey on the water with LEVT

Circus Stage 2019

On the Circus stage on SMS we recorded and post produced the Trance music set of Neelix, adding visual effects created from the various camera angles and spice up the show.

Pan-Pot at SMS 2018

Katermukke stage 2018: Dapayk, David Keno and Lars Moston


All SMS Festival on DanceTelevision here.

Services rendered

  • Multi camera live recording
  • Video edit and post-production
  • VJ material production

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